Since 1987, Robyn Roderick has specialized in appraisals, restoration and sales of fine art and antiques. We are fully insured to protect your valuable property.


Robyn Roderick began appraising artwork when she opened her gallery in Swarthmore in 1987. Robyn Alexander Gallery specialized in appraisals, restoration and sales of 19th and 20th century fine art and antiques. In addition to her work at the Gallery, Robyn traveled throughout the country exhibiting in fine arts and antiques shows including the prestigious US Artists Show in Philadelphia and the Miami Beach International Art and Antiques show. In 1996, she founded Robyn Roderick Fine Art Appraisal Services, where she now concentrates her work in the appraisal of fine art and personal property.

Robyn has developed an outstanding professional reputation that is built on a foundation of knowledge, experience and ethics. She is both certified and qualified to appraise personal property for purposes of insurance scheduling, damage and loss claims, sale, estate tax, dissolution of marriage, charitable donations and equitable distribution.


Robyn Roderick

Robyn Roderick is an Accredited Member of the American Society of Appraisers, a professional organization that ensures both ethical practices and procedures on the part of its members, as well as academic achievements and experience in their field of expertise. She is also certified in the appraisal of fine art. Robyn studied Art History at West Chester University, and she is a graduate of the Winter Institute "Perspectives on Decorative Arts in America" at the Winterthur Museum in Delaware. She successfully completed the ASA's personal property program (in the fine art discipline) at George Washington University, and maintains her accreditation by participating in a continuing education process. She has taken courses on personal property through ISA (International Society of Appraisers), AAA (Appraisers Association of America), and the mandatory core courses through ASA (American Society of Appraisers): Valuation Principles, Valuation Methodology, Research & Analysis, Report Writing, and Appraisal Practice & Standards.

Robyn has taken numerous additional professional development courses to maintain her accreditation some of which include: 

  • Uniform Standards of the Professional Appraisal Practice-Current
  • Winter Institute: Advanced Connoisseurship of American Fine and Decorative Arts at Winterthur Museum
  • 2017 ASA Personal Property Conference, Boston, Massachusetts
  • 2017 AAA National Personal Property Conference
  • The Devil is in the Details: Looking at Furniture and Paintings from Philadelphia to Boston, 1725-1800
  • IRS Expectations and Requirements for Appraisers - Addressing Disclosures on Condition
  • 20th Century Design: Why Some Markets Rise While Others Fall
  • Unique Appraisal Circumstances; Above and Beyond Comparables: Understanding Outlier Results and Making Sense of Them
  • How the Appraisal Foundation and ISA Work Together to Advance Public Trust in the Personal Property Appraising Profession
  • Researching Provenance for the Fine and Decorative Arts
  • Case Studies on the Effect of Provenance on Value in the Decorative Arts
  • The Effect of Provenance, Exhibition History & Scholarship on the American Fine Art Market
  • Hands-on Seminar - Identifying and Distinguishing Antique Ceramics
  • Silver: Hands-on Seminar
  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: The Effects of Conservation, Restoration and Repairs on the Monetary Value of Period Furniture in the Marketplace
  • Today's Tiffany Market: Understanding Current Trends, Values and Authenticity
  • Copy or Fake? Production, Intention and the Marketplace in Works of Sully and Peale Families
  • Keeping Ahead of a Market Surge: Identifying and Valuing Chinese Furniture and Decorative Arts
  • Trends: From Post Avant-Garde to International Phenomenon: Chinese Contemporary Art
  • US vs. Art Thieves: True Tales of the FBI's Real Indiana Jones
  • Study Trip to the James Michener Museum: Pennsylvania Impressionism
  • Philadelphia Study Trip
  • Personal Property Conference: Estates, Trusts and Estate Planning: Perspectives for Personal Property Appraisers on Fair Market Value
  • Personal Property Conference: Fine Art - Seeing Things



A Team of Conservators

Specializing in Paintings, Works on Paper, Textiles, and Decorative Objects (metals, ceramics, glass and organic materials). In order to provide the highest quality restoration to our clients, Robyn Roderick Fine Art Appraisal Services employs painting, paper and object conservators with expertise in their field who belong to AIC (The American Institute of Conservation). They have all been professionally trained at the most prestigious schools of conservation.

Thomas Smith

Certified Picture Framer

Thomas Smith has been in the picture framing industry for 40 years, 20 years as a CPF (certified picture framer). After graduating from Temple University, Tom began training and working in established frame shops throughout Philadelphia. He began working with Robyn Roderick in her gallery in 1987, assisting clients with their custom framing needs. With the growth of Robyn Roderick Fine Art Appraisal Services, Tom's responsibilities also grew to include assisting with inventorying fine art in clients' homes as well as in institutions, packaging art, and hanging services. 

Tom's meticulous attention to detail and customer service, and his specialization in conservation framing techniques, have earned him an excellent reputation in the Delaware Valley and beyond.


I am very pleased to recommend Robyn Roderick, without reservation.

- E. Wynn Wilson, Rose Valley, PA

"Having owned a small antique business in Swarthmore (while also living there), I got to know Robyn Roderick more than 25 years ago when she owned a fine art and antiques gallery in town. Her father was a well-respected antiques dealer, and her work with him laid the groundwork for her current profession as a fine arts appraiser.

"I've heard many stories about dealers and appraisers, not always complimentary. Through the years I've heard nothing but good reports with regard to Robyn's work. She's highly regarded by people 'in the business' as well as folks less knowledgeable who are seeking accurate evaluation of their paintings and other objets d'art in order to properly insure or sell their treasures. I'm very fortunate to have had Robyn evaluate paintings for me, personally, and have referred several of my clients and friends to her. She's valued for her skills, ability and knowledge - and as a bonus, is appreciated for being an exceptionally nice person with whom to work."